Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 102

I was so not feeling the motivation to run today! I'm really hoping it's just a "case of the Mondays" because I need my motivation back for the run I signed up for on Saturday. I ran on the treadmill today and it took me 21:41 to complete 2 miles...I too was all over the place with my speed ranging from 5.2-6.0. Ugh!! I was using slower speeds to catch my breath without walking, and then hoping to catch up, I'd run fast; too fast. It was a rough run for me but I made it.
And...I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!! Maybe saying that on here will make me do it! ;) I know my body is changing with all the running and walking, but if I want to get better at running and not injure myself, I need to get this baby weight off once and for all!! I think I have this exercise thing down; now I need to look at fueling my body with the right foods. I know you don't have the baby weight to take off, but I know we've talked about fueling our bodies before. Can we start coming up with weekly food challenges? Just one simple thing each week or two? What do you think? I'm thinking of starting with upping my water intake this week. Are you game?


  1. Becs, if I could run for 10 minutes I would feel like a ROCK STAR. Let alone 21. You go girl. :)

    Do you get the "CoolRunning" notes on Facebook? I see them every day and they are super motivational. I read them and think about this time next year when I am in your shoes running and walking daily. I can't wait. Good luck on Saturday!

  2. Wow Rebecca! That is great time! You have come so far!
    I am game for that water challenge! What's your water goal? I think I'll try to drink two Nalgene bottles. They are 32oz. How much water do we "need"? I must do some research.

  3. I think it's typically 8 cups/day but if you're exercising, you're supposed to get 1-2 cups more *I think*. Now since I'm still nursing, I need like 13 cups...I just looked it up...yikes! And that's before exercise. I've been aiming for 3 Nalgene's/ day and I guess I need even more!


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