Monday, May 31, 2010

day 151

This evening as I walked on the treadmill (at a 4) Greg thought it'd be fun to put my speed up to 12! Oh my gravy. I think I lasted for about 10 seconds. I quickly hit the 4 and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my walk.
Happy trails,

Day 151

Another wimpy run today, but this time I didn't have the jogging stroller or wind as an excuse...just the heat of the day sun! I have a feeling I'm going to be on the treadmill way more than I'd like this summer because it's only going to get hotter! I'm not even going to map that run!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 150

Why didn't we implement a few free passes when we started this? I would have DEFINITELY taken one today! At least it was a beautiful evening to walk, but now I'm gonna fall into bed and pray that Jude decides sleep is a good thing tonight! HA!

day 150

I think I'll run today. Oh never mind. Time for another walk.
Happy trails,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 149

We took the boys to the spray ground after naps today and there is a new hike/bike trail through downtown that I wanted to check out. So, once again, Jude found himself in the jogging stroller. It was almost 90 degrees, but I found myself running on occasion because I wanted to get further down the trail and check it out. Unfortunately, it was really windy along the trail, so that made me an even wimpier runner! So, it was a run/walk today...but I know I was sweating! There is one good thing about pushing a can bring water along!! :)

day 149

...and walking...
Happy trails,

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 148

I guess I got a few walks in today. We had to park over in the Sunken Garden parking lot when we went to the zoo, so there and back was a trek! Then during naptime I did my "official" walk on the treadmill while I read a Parents magazine (yes, it was a slow enough pace to read!). Then after dinner the boys wanted to go for a walk, so we had a nice family walk.

day 148

...and walking...
Happy trails,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 147

So, I made myself run today and for some reason I got a little gung-ho and thought I'd be all hardcore (where that motivation came from all of a sudden, I don't know!)! Turns out I'm a really wimpy runner when it's hot outside and I'm pushing a jogging stroller! I did 2.64 miles in 32 minutes with more than a couple of walk breaks!! So, a week or so ago I talked about my "happy place" for running...85 degrees and sunny while pushing the stroller does not fall anywhere close to my "happy place". This is going to be a L-O-N-G's only going to get hotter!!! Ugh!

day 147

And walking...
Happy trails,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 146

I'm still kinda worn out from yesterday and I really have no motivation to run...even though I really should today. Oh well...
Another leisurely walk through our park with the boys on least there was a big hill involved. ;)

day 146

And I'm still walking!
Happy trails,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 145

Does pacing the halls while my baby is in surgery count toward my minutes today? ;) I did get a nice leisurely walk in with the boys on their tricycles this wonderful neighbor provided us with dinner, so I was able to walk without worrying about making any dinner! ah!
I'm so tired...

day 145

Just keep walking. ;)
Happy trails,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 144

Okay, so I may not enjoy treadmill runs, but on hot days like today, I'm glad I at least have the option to retreat to my cool basement to get a run in! 2.7 miles completed.

day 144

Oh my gravy. My calves are so sore today! That run on the beach was quite the workout.
Too bad I can't do that more often. ;)
Happy trails,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 143

Happy Birthday to you and, of course, my dear hubby! :) Daddy got to pick what he wanted to do today and as my luck would have it, his activity included a nice long walk on a trail out at Branched Oak. So, an easy 30+ minutes of walking and running with the boys for me today!!

day 143

Happy birthday to me (and Craig)! ;) We spent the day at Mustang Island, my favorite place to be. And for my 30 minutes I ran down the beach. As I ran, passing all the beach bums, I realized you can exercise anywhere! You don't need a gym membership or special equipment. All you need is to get out there and move!
Anyway, I had a wonderfully rejuvenating day! Here's to another great year!
Happy trails & happy birthdays,

ps~like the visor? :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 142

This was a proud day for me!!! My big boy Dax and I ran in the Lincoln Fire Rescue Zoo Fun Run/Walk together! It was perfect because we ran the trail that parallels the zoo train track for most of the run...Dax LOVES the zoo train! And all the people that completed the event got a free train ride coupon! Yay!! We finished the run in just under 10 was advertised as 1 mile, but I think it might have been a little less than wasn't about time today though! Dax now considers himself a "runner" and I'm so proud that he's learned that running is fun because he's witnessed me doing it!

Yes, I know that this wasn't a full 30 minutes...SOOOOO, once we got to Sabbath School and Jude still hadn't napped, I put him in the Ergo and took a 20 minute walk so he could catch a little shut eye while the older two went into SS with Daddy! ;)

day 142

Well, I had planned to walk while the kids played at the park today. Instead I sat back and enjoyed the breeze (which cooled down the 90 degree temps) and relished the joys of childhood. I got on the treadmill at 8pm (which is never fun) but it felt good to get it done. I did an incline of 7 and a speed of 4.
Happy trails,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 141

Have I mentioned before that I really dislike running on the treadmill? Well, I do! Watching the first part of the Grey's Anatomy season finale made it a little more tolerable though. :) I ran 2.61 miles...a little slower, but for some reason it's just harder for me to run on the treadmill than outside (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?)!

day 141

Wow. What a difference a day makes. My stomach is still giving me grief today but at least I made it out of bed. :) I had a very slow, hope I don't hurl, walk today. I did it. :)
Happy on-the-mend trails,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 140

My walk today consisted of taking a meal to a mama with a new baby who lives in a neighborhood on the other side of our park. The two older boys stayed with Daddy and I pushed Jude in the stroller with dinner underneath...nothing like killing two birds with one stone. ;)

I just saw on FB that you're sick...I'm so sorry friend...FEEL BETTER SOON!!!

day 140

This is really hard. I don't want to type this. But I was so sick today I didn't get my 30 minutes in. I keep thinking I could have if I really tried, but at the end of the day I had no strength left. Sigh.
Happy healthy-hopefully-soon trails,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

day 139

I just (9:20pm) got off the treadmill. Yeah. No running here. I hate getting my 30 minutes done this late in the day.
Happy sleepy trails,

Day 139

Got my run out of the way this morning...feels good! I headed out with my neighbor before Craig left for work. According to Map My Run (loving this site!), we did 2.62 miles in 28:30, which is a 10:52 pace. We ran down a bike path on our way out, but coming back we ran on roads, so we actually had to stop several times for cars, so I suppose our pace was technically a bit faster than that.

And now on to enjoy the rest of my day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 138

Jude had a long morning nap, so he didn't nap when Dax and Ian did this afternoon. I didn't want to put my 30 minutes off until later in the evening AGAIN, so I strapped J in the Ergo and pushed D&I in the double jogging stroller around our park and then let them play on the playground at the end...I figured it was the least I could do for making them ride in a stroller...not really high on their list of loves currently. ;)

day 138

Incline of 5.5 and a speed of 4.2 for 30 minutes. It's a Biggest Loser night. Yay.
I'm off to make some popcorn! :)
Happy trails,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 137

Craig got running shoes today!! That's the next best thing to getting new running shoes myself! :) So begins the running journey for my hubby...I'm excited and am looking forward to going on a few runs with him!
We split treadmill time tonight as we watched an episode of Mad Men.

days 135, 136, 137

I'm playing catch up here. I'm not going to make this a habit. But the past week has been super busy & stressful & I must admit that I haven't put a lot of heart into walking or running. To be honest, I think my ability to handle the stress has been worse because I haven't been exercising as hard. Oh well. Tomorrow is a great day for a fresh start.
Bring it on Tuesday!
Happy trails,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 136

I had a great day with the family but didn't manage to squeeze in my 30 minutes before the kids went to bed. I really didn't plan on running today, but Jacob invited me to come on an evening run with him. So, I did! It was actually a really great run and I think this is what my "happy place" includes at this point:

*Upper 50s


*11 minute mile pace

*.5 miles-2 miles

*FLAT course :)

*Good music and good company

Anyways, we ran 3 miles in 33 minutes!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 135

Another 5K run this morning...this makes my 3rd 5K this year! My friends Trish and Noel and my bro Jacob and his friend ran it too! This run was put on by People's City Mission, so we were running for a good cause today!

They had some fun things going on for the kids...bounce houses and Homer the Haymarket Hound!

Trish and I crossing the finish line at 32:40! I'm putting on a happy face but feel like I'm going to collapse!

Trish, Noel, and me post-race! So glad to be done!

This was a tough run for me...mentally and physically...before, during, and after! In my human selfishness, I must admit that my ego was slightly bruised today as my brother, his friend, and my friend Noel all crossed the finish line minutes before me, and my friend Trish who hasn't even trained stuck by my side and had to push me to keep going strong. My mind has been whirling all day and my head has been pounding...not sure why I've been getting headaches (maybe the lack of sleep? not sure!). Anyways, between my bruised ego and my headache, I haven't had that post-race joy that I usually have and I kept internally beating myself up for feeling like this! I shouldn't...I should be 100% happy for these awesome people!

But as I was rocking Jude tonight, this struggle in my head finally came to an end!! Because as I closed my eyes, I saw Dax running up to give me a high-five at the end of my race. I saw Dax and Ian pretending to cross the finish line as we stood around and chatted! And I thought about how "going for a run" has entered the repertoire of my boys pretend play! THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!! I am a good role model of active living for my boys and because of this journey I've begun this year, I will be around a lot longer to watch my boys grow into men!!

And hey! 32:40 is now a PR for my 5K...not bad for a course with some difficult hills, being up every 2 hours the night before, and dealing with a persistent headache, right? ;)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 134

We FINALLY had another beautiful Spring day...perfect for a nice, leisurely walk!

day 134

It has been pouring rain all day. Literally buckets! I love it. It was a great way to come home from the hospital with Lexi since we are all still sleepy from the long overnight stay. Finally this afternoon there was a break and we all got outside for a walk. Days like this make me want to move to Washington.
Happy trails,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 133

Today I did an I-Fit workout on the treadmill while reading the book you recommended... Marathoning for Mortals...I'm really enjoying it! Still not getting great sleep around here...seems like most of my nights are spent in the chair with little J or else he's in bed with's beginning to wear me down, I think. But I'm still convinced that exercising is a help and not a hindrance to my mood! :) I'm praying that somehow the next two nights I'll get fairly good sleep so I can make it through my 5K on Saturday without collapsing. Thinking of you guys today!

day 133

Lexi had surgery to remove her tonsils & adenoids today. It has been a looooong day. We left for the hospital at 5am and I am spending the night with her. So my walk today pretty much consisted of pacing the halls during surgery.
Happy trails,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 132

I was planning to walk today, but 10 minutes into my time, I felt like running, so I did for the last 20 minutes. :) I completed 2.40 miles on the treadmill. I am really preferring to run outside...I find it easier and much more satisfying!

day 132

You are kicking my butt! Can you send some motivation my way?
Happy trails,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

day 131

Yipeee! I am in love with my new pogo stick! What a great core workout!
Happy jumping!

Day 131

Jacob's home today, so I was able to get outside for a run. I finally mapped my run on so I know exactly how far I ran. What a very cool resource and it's FREE!! So, I went around my park twice and now I know I did 2.9 miles in 30 minutes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 130

Logistically, it just didn't work for me to run today. Since I have a 5K on Saturday, I think it'll work best to run Tuesday/Thursday this week anyway. It was a cold and windy walk today, but it was better than a walk on the treadmill!

day 130

3 miles in 30 minutes!
That felt good!

Happy trails,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 129

It's become a tradition for me to lounge on the couch and watch a chick flick during naptime on Mother's Day. Since the treadmill was right next to me as I began to watch, I figured I might as well hop on and get it out of the way so I could relax for the rest of the movie. I didn't even break a sweat, I went so slowly, but at least I did it. :)

Happy Mother's Day to one of the best Mommies I know!!

day 129

Happy Mother's Day! Today was such a great day.
First thing this morning Greg took the munchkins and I got to stay home in a nice, quiet house reading the newspaper & sippin' a frappe! ;)
While the kids napped (& since my mom is here) Greg & I got to go for a run together. I always thought I was a solo runner, but after that run at Holmes Lake with you I realized how nice it is to have a running partner. Anyway, it was so humid outside I'm sure the calories were dripping off of us. We finished up a perfect day by watching Avatar in 3D and eating LOTS of buttery movie theatre popcorn!
Happy trails,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 128

My baby koala and I took a walk around the park while the rest of my boys napped!

day 128

Another stroll through San Pedro park with the kids today. It was so cool compared to the 90s we've had all week. A refreshing way to spend time with family.
Happy trails,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 127

My neighbor invited me to go for a run with her this morning. I was hesitant since I've always said I'll start morning runs when I'm actually sleeping through the night. But I figured I'd be tired no matter what today, so I might as well get it out of the way. Wow! It definitely started my day off right! I've been a happier Mama all day and I even got to veg a little during naptime, since I normally would have run! I think I'll be doing morning runs more often!! Happy Friday...this is Greg's weekend off, right?!?!

day 127

My aunt died today. I didn't feel much like running.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 126

We had a wonderful family walk around the trail at our park this beautiful spring evening!

day 126

I really don't want to run tomorrow.

Happy trails,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 125

It took me over an hour, but I managed to get all 3 boys down and barely eeked out a run on the treadmill before one of them woke up! It was a tough run today...I haven't been getting good sleep, so I'm hoping that's the culprit! I'm glad to have it over with and stuck with it even though I just wanted to walk about 50 times!

day 125

What a wonderful Wednesday to go for a run!
Oh, and I FINALLY got my watch. Talk about delayed gratification. ;)
Happy trails,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

day 124

At 6am the conversation went something like this...
Greg: "Hey Jess, it's 6, wanna run?"
me: "I'm sooooo sleepy."
Greg: "Ok, let's just sit on the love seat & drink coffee."
me: "Sure thing! That sounds way better than running!"
As I sit down with my steamy mug of joe we both give each other 'the look.'
me: "Fine. Let's go running, I know that later we'll be glad we did."

Happy trails,

Day 124

I convinced myself that yesterday was enough of a run for this to still be a walk day. :) So, back to running's hot here today anyways!

Monday, May 3, 2010

day 123

I had hoped to get a run in outside & early today since the weather man was predicting temps in the 90s. But, just like you, things didn't go according to plan. Some of my problem today could have been the fact that we didn't get home from my cousin's wedding until 1:30am. Finally, at 7pm I got on the treadmill for a run. Unfortunately, some Benadryl I had taken for allergies kicked in about then and instead of running I only managed a slow, pathetic walk. I'm off to put on some pj's & get caught up on sleep.
I can totally tell how nutrition and sleep can make or break your running performance! Tomorrow I hope to start back into drinking more (water, that is) too. Something needs to change or I can't keep this up!
Here's to tomorrow...
Happy trails,

Day 123

I planned for this to be a run day, but I had to adapt a bit. The littlest mister fell asleep in the car on the way home this afternoon, so by the time I had the other two down for nap, he only lasted another 15 minutes, which means I only had my warm-up and about a mile of a run in on the treadmill. So, I strapped 20 pounds of cranky cuteness on and increased my incline and pace for a difficult walk and completed 2.07 miles all together...almost harder than running! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 122

Craig and I actually took a walk ALONE this evening after the kids were asleep! Uncle JJ stayed home to ensure no one decided to wake up or pull any shenanigans. :) I seriously don't think we've taken a walk together without kids in tow since I was pregnant with Dax! Wow!! It was really refreshing!

P.S. We're 1/3 of the way done!! :)

day 122

happy trails,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

day 121

Today was beautiful in comparison to the warmer temps we've been having. The kids and I ended up downtown at San Pedro Springs. It's gorgeous there and so peaceful by the water. I had to convince Grace not to attempt catching tadpoles because she still had her church clothes on. Walking with the kids was slow, but it was what I needed today. I can hit the pavement running on Monday.
Happy trails,

Day 121

In the spirit of the Lincoln Marathon tomorrow, not to mention the beautiful spring day we're having, I went for a run. I just couldn't help myself! I ran around our park twice and battled the hill that I've been avoiding, both times around!! Woot!
Now I'm icing my knee, sipping some ice cold water, admiring lilacs I just clipped from our tree, and blogging...all in a silent house!! Ah! :) Oops...jinxed myself...I hear a little Jude waking up!