Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 121

In the spirit of the Lincoln Marathon tomorrow, not to mention the beautiful spring day we're having, I went for a run. I just couldn't help myself! I ran around our park twice and battled the hill that I've been avoiding, both times around!! Woot!
Now I'm icing my knee, sipping some ice cold water, admiring lilacs I just clipped from our tree, and blogging...all in a silent house!! Ah! :) Oops...jinxed myself...I hear a little Jude waking up!


  1. You are a crazy girl. I found myself thinking, "i'm so glad it's the weekend so I don't have to run!" Glad you had a good run. Too bad I couldn't stay just one more week...we could have run the 1/2 together. ;) hehe.

  2. that was me,


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