Saturday, June 12, 2010

day 163~another 5K!

Texas sized hills & Texas sized winds pretty much summed up the morning. The Lavender farm was a beautiful place to run though. A quaint little community, adorable houses, gorgeous flowers, & lots of wildlife. An armadillo even waddled across the road right in front of me!
The race course was tough, but I think the biggest battle I had was a mental one. I did the first mile in 10 minutes which felt great. But at the turn around it was all up hill and against the wind so I slowed down quite a bit. I started to get discouraged as I saw the minutes slip away. My official time was 35:40. The time feels a bit disappointing being 163 days into it. But, keeping things in perspective, it was a good morning to be out with the family and I am glad I did it.
Happy (Texas-sized) trails,
ps~happy birthday to Grace! thanks for being the world's greatest cheerleader!


  1. Bravo my friend! I'm proud of you! Hills and wind are SO hard especially further into a run! 35:40 is awesome! Next year we can fly there and do the 10K together. ;)

  2. You did great wonderful woman!!!! I love you SO much!!! Proud of you to even be able to do this at all.


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