Sunday, June 13, 2010

day 164

Oh friends. This day started out like many, many other Sundays. A lazy morning lounging around in pjs, a load of laundry in the dryer, coffee brewing. I had just settled down at the table to do some coloring with Jack when I heard a scream upstairs. Grace came running down yelling, "Mom! Nora's foot is stuck!"
Now, knowing Nora and all the predicaments she gets in I wasn't too surprised. I ran upstairs and as soon as I saw that she was by the treadmill my stomach and heart collided somewhere in the middle. I raced over to her and assessed the situation. Her toes were stuck in the bottom. Chaos ensued. I tried to pull her foot out. It wouldn't budge. I tried to break the treadmill. I wasn't strong enough. Greg was gone to work and I knew there was no way I was going to get her out on my own. So I called 911. Then I remembered seeing our neighbor outside watering his yard just a few minutes before. I sent Grace & Jack to get his help. He was here in a flash, he was calm, and he was strong. With his help he got Nora's foot out.
A quick trip to the ER for x-rays showed that nothing was broken, just a sprain. But we all learned a big lesson.
I had a hard time wanting to walk on the treadmill this evening. But as I walked I counted my blessings...all my little ones were safely tucked in bed and all in one piece!
Happy trails,


  1. Oh my goodness friend!!!! I'm so glad Nora is okay...I'm sorry that happened. :( And how did it happen? Did it get turned on somehow? I let Dax and Ian play around the treadmill when it's switched off, but maybe I shouldn't!!!!!! :-S

  2. Ours has a little "safety" magnet that you have to have in place before it will work. I used to hide it when the kids were littler, but recently I got lazy I guess and would just keep it in the cup holders when I was done. Well, Grace & Nora were playing in our room and decided it would be fun to turn it on & walk. :( (Grace felt really bad about this because she was the one that turned it on)
    After this I have gone back to hiding the magnet. I also unplug the treadmill and don't let the kids in our room unless we are in there. And they also cannot be on the treadmill at ANY time. Better safe than sorry. It could have been SO much worse!

  3. Ya coulda been worse. Nora coulda lost a toe OR YOU could have lost the treadmill!!!!! Thankful all is well!!


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