Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 192

I did the Lincoln Mile today!! I was actually really nervous about this one. Anyways, I've been bringing down my time gradually, so I knew I wanted my best mile time to happen on race day. So, I set a goal for myself of under 9 minutes and I knew I didn't want to be last in my age/gender division! Well, I made my goal by one second!!! My chip time was 8:59 and I finished 7th of 11 (30-34 year old females).

Determined to get across that finish line under the 9 minute mark:
With my little guys after the race:

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  1. Rebecca, you look amazing! I'm so proud of you! I would think that a one mile run would be really hard...for me that's always the hardest mile to get through! I feel like I"m so used to "pacing" myself and saving energy for the last mile of a 5K it would be hard to mentally switch gears to a 1 mile run where you have to give it your ALL from the start! Does that make sense? Anyway, that is a time you should be VERY proud of.



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