Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 206

My brother's wedding day today!!! Dax and I spent nearly 5 hours in the car going back and forth between home and Glenwood (where the wedding site was located)! I admittedly did not get 30 straight minutes in, but I kicked off my heels and walked around the property of the wedding site as often as I could. My little explorers enjoyed walking up and down a hill at the reception too, so I followed them up and down that several times! I no doubt accumulated 30 minutes of walking throughout this busy, but exciting day!!

Uncle JJ and Dax:

My perfect little Bible Boy:

The Happy Couple:

My Men in Black:
Uncle JJ and Aunt Areli with my boyos:

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  1. Becca--Thanks for putting these pics up. Looks like a great day!! Congrats to all!!


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