Wednesday, August 18, 2010

day 230

Oh dear, I am so behind on here. I will catch up, I will. Our household goods arrived at our house today which means we are one step closer to life being "normal" again! We thought we'd get all the beds put together tonight. But instead we decided arranging the living room & hanging a few pictures would be more fun. :) After we did that we decided the beds could wait and we took off for a walk in our new neighborhood. I am in love with all the huge trees and the cool temps!

Happy trails,



  1. And I'm in love with the fact that your new neighborhood is only 2.6 miles away from my current neighborhood!! I shall take advantage of that for as long as I can. ;) Yay!!!!!!! ~becca

  2. How fun that you guys are within running distance of each other now! Can't wait to see pictures of your house, Jessy. Is this a permanent residence or temporary?
    ~ Sara

  3. Happy that you two can be together for at least a little while!! Enjoy!! Love you!


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