Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 280

I'm leaving for the lovely Pacific Northwest today to go to Women of Faith with my mama! I'm looking so forward to it. I got outside early for a run so I could have it out of the way before this long day. Besides, your suggestion to sip coffee and read my book during my 2 hour layover in Denver sounds way better than walking around pulling a suitcase behind me!! I went a little earlier this morning because Dax requested I have breakfast with them. :) It was dark and I'm having some pain in my right knee...uh oh! I have achy knees on occasion (though it's usually my left one) but I don't usually notice any pain during I felt it. :( I did just over 2 miles in 22:30.
Oh, I also signed up for the Governer's Cup 5K on October 17th!

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