Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 310

These beautiful Fall days just keep showing up and I'm LOVING it. I was actually excited to get outside for a run today. I decided to take that excitement and turn it into a challenge for myself to keep going with the running! I find I lose my motivation to run so much easier if I don't have a race to train for! So, here goes nothing...I'm going to run 5 days straight and run for 30 minutes without stopping. That is 5-10 more minutes than my normal runs.
Today I crossed the park to run in the neighborhood on the other side. I started my watch and that's all I went by. Distance/speed is not my focus right now. I couldn't map my run if I wanted to because I weaved in and out of streets and have no rememberance of the route I took. Pretty enjoyable, but the last 10 minutes was a body isn't used to it! We'll see what the next 4 days brings! Can I do it? :)

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