Monday, November 15, 2010

day 319

I managed to drag myself to the treadmill while the kids napped. The first 15 minutes were incredibly mind numbing. But I got absorbed in a magazine and ended up walking 45 minutes at a speed of 4 & an incline of 4. I'm so glad I did it! :) Since I'm in this medical study my days to do any serious exercising are only Mondays & Tuesdays. I'll be glad when I have a little more freedom during the week! I'm feeling stuck in a rut.
While catching up on Biggest Loser last night Bob challenged us to do 50 jumping jacks, 25 pushups, & 25 squats during the commercial (which we did). So this evening I did that again while the kids were happily playing. The kids saw what I was doing & decided to get in on the action. They were so stinkin' cute! When we got done Grace said, "Wow! I never knew exercising could be so much fun!" I love setting a healthy example for my kids.
Happy trails,

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