Monday, November 29, 2010

day 333

Ok friend. The last few months (since August, really!) I have been lacking in the motivation department. I'm tired of half-heartedly doing this challenge. I know, it seems kinda late to be coming to this conclusion. So, with 32 days left, I have come full circle & started the Couch to 5K program once again.
Today was work out one. The difference this time around is my speed. I will be focusing much more on that. After the end of my first eight weeks of Cto5K my top speed was 5.7mph. As I ran today my walking intervals were done at 4mph & my running intervals were done between 6 & 6.2 mph. Finished a total of 2.27 miles.
I have faith in this program. It helped me get a PR once before. I'm glad to be doing it again (I think). I have hope that it will bring me into the new year with a pep in my step & hopefully with renewed faith & motivation for something bigger & better!
Happy trails,


  1. And if anyone can complete the year well, YOU CAN!!! So proud of you both!! Love you!!!

  2. You know, I may just do this with you...great idea to focus on your speed! But I really need new shoes AGAIN! :P


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