Wednesday, December 1, 2010

day 335

Oh my gravy, I'm tired right down to my bones!
Today was C25K week 1, workout 2. I tried to walk at a 4.2 & run at a 6 or 6.2. I really started to feel exhausted about 15 minutes in. At this point I was so tired it was mentally tough for me to hang on.
But...that's what I love about this program. I gave myself a mental punch in the arm and said, "come on, anybody can run for a minute and a half!" so I stepped it up. My last two running intervals I ran at a 6.4 mph. Finished a total of 2.37 miles.
To top off my day I went kickboxing. And I thought I was tired after I went running!?! Ha! ;)
Happy trails,

ps~I just read your comment about needing new shoes! When we went for our Thanksgiving walk I was having a lot of pain in my foot. I thought it was because I had my old shoes on. Then, when I was running on Monday (with my good shoes) I had the same pain...the one I get when my shoes are getting old! I'm so glad to hear you need new shoes too! I thought I was just going crazy! ;)

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