Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39

Mondays are really long days for me because Craig has class after work, and when 2 of 3 boys are sick and cranky, it makes for an even longer Monday!! So, my goal today was to get my 30 minutes in during naptime because I knew I'd be too pooped to poop by the time the boys were all asleep for the night! Jude made me work hard for a naptime workout (he apparently wasn't completely on board with my plan), but I made it! I walked for an easy 1.66 miles. Now I can crash tonight...sweet!!! :)


  1. Happy Monday!!! :) Glad you can have some time to relax tonight. I am extra tired today. My legs are sore from my run yesterday. crack me up..."easy 1.66 mile walk"....that is great mileage. So glad to have you "back." ;)


  2. Sorry your little guys are sick!! All be well soon.


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