Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 135

Another 5K run this morning...this makes my 3rd 5K this year! My friends Trish and Noel and my bro Jacob and his friend ran it too! This run was put on by People's City Mission, so we were running for a good cause today!

They had some fun things going on for the kids...bounce houses and Homer the Haymarket Hound!

Trish and I crossing the finish line at 32:40! I'm putting on a happy face but feel like I'm going to collapse!

Trish, Noel, and me post-race! So glad to be done!

This was a tough run for me...mentally and physically...before, during, and after! In my human selfishness, I must admit that my ego was slightly bruised today as my brother, his friend, and my friend Noel all crossed the finish line minutes before me, and my friend Trish who hasn't even trained stuck by my side and had to push me to keep going strong. My mind has been whirling all day and my head has been pounding...not sure why I've been getting headaches (maybe the lack of sleep? not sure!). Anyways, between my bruised ego and my headache, I haven't had that post-race joy that I usually have and I kept internally beating myself up for feeling like this! I shouldn't...I should be 100% happy for these awesome people!

But as I was rocking Jude tonight, this struggle in my head finally came to an end!! Because as I closed my eyes, I saw Dax running up to give me a high-five at the end of my race. I saw Dax and Ian pretending to cross the finish line as we stood around and chatted! And I thought about how "going for a run" has entered the repertoire of my boys pretend play! THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!! I am a good role model of active living for my boys and because of this journey I've begun this year, I will be around a lot longer to watch my boys grow into men!!

And hey! 32:40 is now a PR for my 5K...not bad for a course with some difficult hills, being up every 2 hours the night before, and dealing with a persistent headache, right? ;)


  1. Oh Rebecca. Your words brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing your journey (the good, the bad, & the ugly) with us. You are an amazing woman.


    ps~nice visor. ;)

  2. I still think you're a rockstar- and my health hero. :) I know we all have things we beat ourselves up for- but you are an incredible inspiration and I hope you never forget that! You are right- no matter what, the most important thing is the way you have changed your life.

  3. I thought I would check the blog to see what you sported about Sat's event...I agree w/ Jesse...totally brought tears, should def be a Mommy post on the book of faces! Totally inspirational! PS: Never forget: 1)YOU were the woman that got us to tie the laces to beat the pavement that day...w/out U...NADA; 2)U are the dedicated one motivating (or shaming) us by showing us how ANYONE can make the time to b active/healthy; and, 3)U r the ONLY person I know that would turn running into being a great mom! U are amazing! :) Now keep running, running...


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