Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 154

I thought I'd better get out on one more run before my Havelock Charity Run on Saturday morning (it's only a 3K, and I'm quite happy about that!). I mapped out a run that equaled a 3K (1.87 miles) distance because I wanted a time to beat on Saturday. Well, I didn't set the bar too high! Time to beat = a whopping 20:37! I did, however, have the following factors working against me:

*It's 85 degrees and sunny.
*I was pushing the jogging stroller.
*I had a whole JJs veggie sandwich and a Juice Stop only 3 hours before my run (OINK, I know!)
*My mp3 player ran out of batteries right at the beginning of my run...I hate running without music!

So, I better beat that time on Saturday morning! I'm excited for this run because it's a team run and if our averaged times beat the Pinnacle Bank 3K team, we earn $75 for our charity, which is People's City Mission. So, all the more reason to book it!! :)

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